Import Your Own Car Into Singapore

Want To Import Your Own Car Into Singapore? 

We can help with this great offer!

We can assist you import any car of your choice @ cost + $1088 as our fee. Simply go online & choose the car you like, build it as per your specification & email it to us & we will work out the exact cost of the vehicle & we will only add $1088 as our fee.

Cost Breakdown: 

  1. Car cost from the dealer
  2. Road charges in the exporting country
  3. Port handling fees in the exporting country
  4. Shipping
  5. Port handling fees in Singapore
  6. Tax / OMV / Parf
  7. COE
  8. Registration Fees
  9. Road Tax
  10. Car Insurance
  11. Warranty (Optional)
  12. Our Fee SGD($1088)

Payment Schedule:

  1. We will collect a 20% of the car CIF cost (Excluding the OMV & COE) on signup
  2. When the car has arrived we either get another 20% or sign you up for the loan
  3. After step 9, you need to get the car insurance
  4. After step 10 you need to decide on step 11
  5. Pay us the reminder or use the car loan to pay us the balance
  6. Enjoy your new car

Refunds Of Deposit:

  • Only if we fail to deliver the car
  • If you change your  mind or fail to get finance for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited

COE Bidding: 

  • After step 6 from cost breakdown, We will bid for COE & it is up to you how much we bid on your behalf
  • We can allow you up to 4 bids after which we will need you to top up the balance or accept the COE cost at the time

Exchange Rate: 

  • We will sign you up on the correct exchange rate, If you pay for the car 1 to 4 steps  then no changes, If you only paid teh 20%, the remainder will be subject to exchange rate fluctuation deepening on the market rate when we paid for the car.